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6 responses to “Leave Comments Here

  1. Shirley Eaton

    Kenny, your work is amazing! The actual works must be something to behold if the electronic images can reach out and grab me the way they do. I felt like I recognized it. It really struck a chord.

  2. Just popped over to look at them again. These are so wonderful! They continue to unfold and engage.

    • Kenny

      Thanks so much. Many, including me, are inspired by your artwork. The color and composition are impeccable.

  3. Kenny, I was so happy to find this link to your artwork. Wow! You continually amaze me! It must be an amusement park going on in that brain of yours.

  4. mary e kerr

    Was browsing Etsy today and after following some links I ended up checking out the great home you share with your wife Polly. I couldn’t help but notice your beautiful dark work in the midst of all those collections and colors. I just wanted you to know I find it quite wonderful!

    • kenny

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. It was a breath of fresh air! Ironically, I find the darker ones have a lightness of weight in their making.

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