Thinner Placements Kenny Jones copyrighted
Thin Placements (with J.M. & H.P.), 36” X 55, Acrylic, Flashe, Ink on panel
Toward a clearing kenny jones copyrighedToward a Clearing (with L.P.  & LHC), 36” X 48”, Ink on panel
small instabilities kenny jones copyrightedSmall Instabilities (with S.O.H.O. & Arabian script), 24” X 36” , Ink on panel


Net Effects (with J.M.W.T. & E.H.P.G.), 24″ X 36″, ink on panel

Kenny_Jones_artKenny Jones, Untitled 79, 24” X 36”, Acrylic and Flashe paint on panel

Backflow, 24" X 36", India ink on panel

Smaller Stabilities in a Deluge (with Leo & script), 24″ X 36″, ink on panel

Thorny Cultures After Gauguin, India ink and collage on panel, 18" X 24"