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Contact information:

ACU Box 27987

Abilene, TX 79699


Phone: 325-261-3253

Kenny Jones Artist Statement – click for pdf link

Exhibit Statement Terra Incognita 2013 – click for pdf

A brief biography of Kenny Jones

My art career has spanned over 20 years and in that time I have taught over 20 different art courses at the college level including art history, drawing, painting, design, and sculpture. I’ve found the challenge of forging links between theory and practice to be exhilarating. This has inspired my artwork and lead to explorations in Medieval, Asian art and contemporary philosophy and theology. My working studio process has always involved following visual “accidents” in order to be led to unexpected places – some see an interlaced/layered wabi-sabi aesthetic at work. I am deeply indebted to the friends and artists who have given me a fresh viewpoint toward my work, who are too numerous to mention here (see some of them on the Links page).  My interests also include keeping informed on science issues, high-energy physics, astronomy, and cognitive research.