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Here on the porch the sun is rising up over a ridge and this shadowed blank space between high places reveals millions of floating particles and insects that literally fill this valley. This beautiful and graceful torrent of backlit bugs and floaters comprise a river 80 feet above the actual water-river. Each tree unfurls a flapping undulating thread – spiders’ strings of swaying streamers. It is as if I was under the sea with small animals and seaweed dancing to a current above me. All is woven through with the sound of the river – it is a white noise that reveals hidden gurgles and ker-plunks punctuating the slapping clapping of water drops, billions and billions against rock; particles dissolving particles in a molecular applause.

Bits and pieces, we are awash in them. Seen only in fleeting, side glances these patterns of small things flow through and around us. We seem to live in an enfolding veil of patterns; they cascade over us like a river of impossibly light fibers. Patterns of sound, color, texture, light and shadow intertwine just on our threshold of perception yet are as basic as a cloth’s weave. I am told that the best scientific theory of what things are made of is a theory of invisible strings that create vibrating patterns that express all that we see – a Stringy Thingy Theory. We are fleshly patterns; patterns define us, for we are based on a DNA rhythm of amino acids. In addition, our brains are best described as a swarming network of intertwining nodes and gaps whose outcome is mind. This thought product of pattern is itself an obsessive pattern-detecting program. Here it would seem that the object and the subject have become layered onto each other – a palimpsest of patterns. Is it possible to take a snapshot of the swarm of all these rhythms? Can we ever step outside of the weave and witness the whole cloth? Each time I try, I find myself looking off the edge of my understanding into a vast unknown and it takes more than I am to dip my toe into it.

journal entry – Outside Pecos NM, cabin by a river in between two mountain ridges 7/31


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